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Chris Erised Giacca
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Chris Erised Giacca The Great City have truly created something, which is to say that they have, as a collective, set aside the status quo in favour of substance, and ingenuity. They have wrought a musical tapestry of a quality so fine, that even its creators can't possibly fathom its sheer brilliance. It is one thing to interest the listener, another to engage. It is a true masterwork, that does both and then leaves an indelible mark on the waveforms it occupies as if it were born to truly possess them for all time. Favorite track: Nothing is Alone.
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released August 4, 2016

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Christopher Vernon

Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic



all rights reserved


The Woman You Saw is the Great City That Rules over the Kings of the Earth Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: I Know Who You Are and You Are Nothing (ft. David Vernon)
I continue to steal the breath of better men
because I know I can better myself.
You swear people don't change,
but I think it's time you tried.
And I'm sorry you hate yourself,
I know the hell in your head.
I felt better when I died.
Take me back to the overdose,
where everything made sense.
For a moment, I truly understood
what it meant to be human.
That I was broken, inherently wrong,
and that's okay.

I want to slit the throat of every stranger
in my mirror and fill a mass grave
with their bodies, to lend an ear
to my necrotic memories.
A mass grave of conscience lay at ovation.
Don't think I forgive you or myself.
My veins knot vying for your affection,
while my blood clots at the thought.
Phantom limbs hold where you used to
but I wish that they would choke,
clawing at sockets that haven't seen since.
I will bury you in the chasm between
who you are, and who you claim to be.
I am not alive, I am the silver flat-lining,
not one of you but a rusted machine; coagulated.

With a means to an end, exit left.
All that is behind you is virulent,
all that binds you is dust now.
You are being lied to - as the magnate,
determine as all worth is yours to decide.
I just hope you make the right choice,
and never let it be said that I didn't say goodbye.
Don't say my name, I'm coming back.
Rinsing yourself in tears,
lacking distinctive stings of washed wounds.
You continue to steal the breath of better men.
We were watching days turn into years.
Track Name: Nothing is Alone
No brothers, no sisters, just me.
I've always felt a little bit lonely.
I made my way through time,
discovered that once I leave these years behind,
the ones that stay with me
are not by blood, but by soul.
My brothers, we rule the city in our mind.
Potential to provide, but nobody has me on their mind.
I'm just going by, living my life.
Each day passing like it never happened.
Wondering how on Earth,
this great world could collapse
and bring us all down grounded together.
We would be down on our knees,
never praying to anyone,
just believing in ourselves.
It's time to face reality, it's time to change.
The world around me is never the same.

Evolution of mankind, changing in so many ways.
It's ridiculous to me. I grasp at the concept of humanity.
What is our purpose and what are we meant to be?
If we hide our faces and never scream in the streets
how will the world know who we are?
How can we ever be this discrete?
The ones that truly express themselves in this place
The strangers look away in shame, stare down at their feet.
Nobody gives them a second chance,
just judging their character too far ahead in advance.

But these are the people we need to make the world a better place.
So gather together your brothers and sisters
to one place and travel the earth endlessly.
Let what we live in no longer be a disgrace.
We'll be together, forever connected.
The day we die, the connection lingers within us.
We'll look back on these days
with smiles and tears in our eyes.
Never plan to fight, we find joy and delight
in finding ourselves together,
surrounded forever by what we love.
There was no reason to lie about it,
life was being enjoyed every day, the truth hurt nobody.
The love we gave, I promise you we'll take it to the grave.
Past memories can't change what the future became. When you think too hard, it becomes so hard
on your brain. Let it go by another day
with my friends, my family's insight
If the world ends tomorrow,
we'd be happy to die by each other's side.
Track Name: Counting the Books While the Library Burns (ft. Daniel Marinakis)
In these moments I break free,
lose my mind for as long as I please.
Take time to destroy myself and everything around me .
For moments, and hours in time,
I remain the same - I'm no longer blind.
Who are these people I see in front of me?
Do I need to show my face,
or can I just lie and disguise myself?

Disregard the beliefs of others, take a closer look.
My moral compass is pointing away
from where I was expecting.
Does anyone else feel the hatred inside, like me?
Let it out, find a way to release
everything inside, that you felt went missing.
Fuck your expectations of me,
I see the hate in your eyes
when you're looking at me.
I am everything you don't want
the world to be, I am free.
Freedom, equality, lies in our country?
I don't see it, I don't believe it.
Propaganda propping up before our pupils, stand up.
They've been inseminating us with false information,
praying on the sheep that pray on the leaders.

Follow us today, tomorrow will come,
they're standing above us, wondering why
we're trying to run these streets ourselves.
If I had the world paused to myself for a day,
I'd do everything to cause the world array.
Nobody gets a break from life.
We're being watched constantly,
stay the fuck out of my head,
It's my place to be, only willing to share
everything I have with the ones like me.
We gather together, to say we hate the world.
But we love the things they try to take away.
Let us be free; let our blood flow green.
Track Name: Glass Cannon (ft. Christopher Vernon)
Every day I find myself lost for words.
I feel so lonely in this house,
and I'm losing my mind. I collide.
And in this moment, it felt like
I was in my own world, for centuries, floating.
So much went through my head,
these waves are crashing in my mind.
Everything comes back to haunt you.
Shake, shiver, repress it all -
It won't go away.
Hold me down to this bed,
I won't try and get away.
I'm sawing through the trees,
bird's-eye view. Cut me open,
make a new life for me.
A trip down my memory.
Tonight, I'm laying here, in a hole
in the ground, where you left me.

And then it finally hits me,
I struggle to breathe.
I find it hard to find anything at all
that I have in common with myself any more.
This world is disgusting,
this air I'm breathing - killing me.
The fire in my lungs, it burns.
Carry me into the higher depths,
the outer space, another better universe
would surely surpass the current.
I can only dream, that when I die,
I'll maybe wake up there.