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Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Vernon

Drum Engineering by Daniel 'The Drum Man' Emond


released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


The Woman You Saw is the Great City That Rules over the Kings of the Earth Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: In Praise of Reason I: Metanoia
"When I first learned that
I was going to die, I just
didn't want to accept it.

I was so angry all the time and I
struck out at everyone I loved most.
Especially you, James.

That's why I understand
if you do hate me.

But I want you to
know this, James.

I'll always love you.

Even though our life together had
to end like this, I still wouldn't
trade it for the world. We had
some wonderful years together.

Well, this letter has gone on
too long, so I'll say goodbye.

I told the nurse to give
this to you after I'm gone.

That means that as you read
this, I'm already dead."
Track Name: In Praise of Reason II: Pertaining to Those Wandering
I am the sound of waiting in the rain.
The sound of footsteps you recognise.
I am the wrong place, at the wrong time.
The held tongue and the forced smile, of who you cared about.
A room with no windows.

At the bottom of the box is hope,
In between the books is a note.
Underneath it all, is a small girl,
Asphyxiated under a deluge of hopelessness.
Her last breath.

I'm losing myself in the lines that surround your smile.
I can feel my bones decay, and I know that we're growing apart.
Everyone I love is dying right before me.

Eventually we're all strangers,
Finding our feet. finding our path.
I understand.

Facing a world of injustice, fighting to have a chance.
To pretend that I'm keeping in touch with my mind.
That I won't just let it all go to waste, I pretend that I exist for a reason.
I have potential to create.
So cut down the noose and hold my head up high.

I understand I'm losing my touch.
I'm losing my reason to breathe.
Every night, I find myself pacing these halls.
Watching, breathing, grieving, old days.